Best Live Casino Malaysia – Top Rated Live Casino Games 2023

Despite the country’s near-blanket ban on casinos, gambling is a prevalent pastime in Malaysia. Malaysia Live casinos are a touchy issue indeed! We’ve got all the info you’re looking for, so keep reading to learn more.

Malaysia Live Casino Legal Landscape

National lottery and horse betting on national races are the only accepted forms of gambling. Interestingly, has no specific legislation surrounding Live Casino Malaysia. However, the Malay government has made efforts to block several gambling websites. This is because even playing at internationally-based sites is considered gambling in Malaysia.

What You Need To Know About Live Casinos in Malaysia

There are many online casinos Malaysia players can access, as foreign operators still accept Malay customers. Enforcement is much more difficult online, which is why many ex-pats and tourists in Malaysia use the internet to get to their favorite casino games in their spare time. This is seen in the stats, too, with nearly 60% of Malays gambling in some form or another! Because of this, Malaysia’s online gambling exists in this difficult-to-describe gray area where the country officially outlaws it, but more than half of the population participates!

What Games Are Available at Live Casinos in Malaysia?

There’s more to an online casino than just playing a couple of online slots. Your regular Malaysia online casino offers so many different types of games that you’ll be astonished. Some operators will also spice things up with regular tournaments so you can unleash your competitive side. Without further ado, here’s what you can expect at the best Malay casinos:

Online Slots

Although we mentioned, there’s more to casino life than just online slots; we couldn’t remove them entirely from our list. You can play so many slot games at an online casino in Malaysia that you’ll always find something new to try. Playing a slot online in Malaysia is hugely popular, just as it is around the rest of the world!

Some online casinos boast thousands of slot games, offering impressive features. Plenty of developers are creating fantastic games, so consider which are available at a Malay casino.

Game developers like NetEnt and Microgaming constantly work around the clock to create the next award-winning game. You want to make sure to take advantage of these new releases!

Jackpot Slots

Most people join a Malaysia online casino because they want to take a shot at winning that juicy jackpot prize. If your eyes lit up and you saw dollar signs reading that, we get it; live casino games in Malaysia might be just your thing!

Thankfully, you’re bound to find something among the thousands of slots and slot genres available on the market, from fantasy to Egyptian mythology.

And if you want to experiment, you can always switch between different types of slots – for example, classic slots for Malaysia, such as Arcade Bomb, Mega Joker, Durian Dynamite, and Goblins Cave, as well as progressive slots.

Live Casino

As most gambling and online betting in Malaysia are illegal, residents cannot visit a land-based establishment to enjoy a classic casino game. Thankfully, an online casino Malaysia website allows you to have the same table game experience with live dealers on the internet. Players will be able to find a great selection of live casino games.


If you’re new to a Malaysian online casino, roulette is a great game as it’s easy to understand. It is a game of luck where you attempt to guess where the ball will land after the wheel has spun. Any Malaysian online casino will have a live version or computer-generated version of the game.


Blackjack is one of the most famous and beginner-friendly games since it requires players to try and beat the dealer. You can play a live or computer-generated version at any online casino Malaysia offers.

If you like games that involve skills and a social setting, you’ll prefer card games. Choosing an online gambling website in Malaysia gives you instant access to many classic card games with players worldwide


If you’re looking for an interactive game, you will want to place your bets on poker. If you’re a new player, poker may be challenging to grasp at first – but keep persisting. It’s one game that requires a lot of skill and determination but remains entertaining.

History of Gambling in Malaysia Online Casinos

Gambling has been around Malaysia for a long time, despite most forms of it being illegal – except national horse racing bets and the state national lottery.

While it is considered illegal to gamble online, but Malay residents still choose to play online casino games because it’s harder to track online gambling activity.

Nonetheless, Malay authorities will still block illegal offshore casino operators to stop residents from accessing online casinos. This means online casino in Malaysia is regarded as just as unlawful as land-based casinos.

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