Best PLO Poker Training Sites and Courses for Aspiring Pros


Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) is an exhilarating variant of poker known for its action-packed gameplay and complex strategies. For players looking to elevate their skills and become formidable PLO competitors, investing in top-quality training becomes essential. In this blog, we will review and recommend some reputable PLO poker training platforms and courses to help players sharpen their skills and dominate the PLO tables. Additionally, we will explore the advantages of using a poker app to enhance one’s learning experience.

  • Upswing Poker – PLO Lab

Upswing Poker’s PLO Lab is a popular choice among players seeking comprehensive PLO training. Developed by world-class poker pros, including Doug Polk and Fernando Habegger, this course covers everything from the fundamentals to advanced strategies. It includes video lessons, hand reviews, quizzes, and practical exercises to ensure a well-rounded understanding of PLO poker.

  • Run It Once – PLO Mastermind

Run It Once is a leading poker training platform, and their PLO Mastermind course is no exception. Curated by renowned PLO expert Phil Galfond and his team, this course offers a deep dive into PLO strategies, equipping players with valuable insights. With regularly updated content and access to an active community of players, the PLO Mastermind provides an interactive learning environment.

  • Advanced PLO Mastery –

For intermediate to advanced players, Advanced PLO Mastery by is an excellent option. This course focuses on advanced concepts, such as hand reading, exploiting opponents, and navigating complex postflop scenarios. With interactive quizzes and personalized coaching, players can refine their skills and tackle high-stakes PLO games with confidence.

  • PLO QuickPro – Best Poker Coaching

PLO QuickPro by Best Poker Coaching is designed for players seeking a more personalized learning experience. The course offers one-on-one coaching sessions, tailored to the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. This program is ideal for players who want a more hands-on approach and direct feedback from experienced PLO coaches.

  • PokerBaazi App – PLO Training

To complement traditional courses, using a poker app like PokerBaazi can be immensely beneficial. The app utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze and optimize your PLO gameplay. It offers real-time hand analysis, strategic advice, and simulations against various opponents, allowing you to practice and refine your skills efficiently.


As the popularity of Pot Limit Omaha poker continues to rise, it becomes imperative for aspiring players to seek high-quality training resources. The recommended PLO poker training sites and courses mentioned in this blog offer a diverse range of learning experiences, from comprehensive video lessons to personalized coaching.

Additionally, integrating a poker app like PokerBaazi into your training routine can provide invaluable insights and help bridge the gap between theory and practice. Remember, consistent practice, dedication, and continuous learning are the keys to becoming a successful PLO player.

So, if you’re determined to crush the PLO tables and take your poker game to new heights, invest in top-tier training and use cutting-edge tools to sharpen your skills. Best of luck on your PLO poker journey!

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